Instant discounts on high-efficiency kitchen equipment

Big savings, no waiting.

You can save up to $3,000 per unit on food service equipment for your business. We’ve partnered with food service equipment dealers to offer you instant discounts on energy-efficient equipment, so you don’t have to submit a rebate claim and wait for payment—you’ll get the discount right at the point-of-sale.

How can I find discounts?

It’s easy. Find a participating dealer who can help you choose the right discount-qualified product for your needs. They’ll verify that the planned installation site for the equipment is within DTE service territory, and the discount will be applied right on your sale.

Easy Discount Steps

Choose discount qualifying high-efficiency model(s).

Purchase your equipment and get the discount at the point-of-sale.

Install and enjoy your new high-efficiency equipment!

Why choose high-efficiency?

Major cooking appliances account for almost 35% of the average restaurant’s energy expenditures. Installing high-efficiency equipment can decrease your energy costs by as much as 75%, and it’s better for our environment.

Energy consumption for commercial kitchens based on Energy Star study: Energy consumption savings are based on a comparison of annual gas consumption for high-efficiency and standard-efficiency units of equivalent size and capacity.

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