Program Info for Customers

You can get valuable discounts on high-quality, energy-efficient equipment for your business, instantly. You don’t have to submit a rebate application and wait to be paid—with DTE’s Point-of-Sale Food Service Discount Program, your discount is applied right on your sales invoice.

There are many makes and models of eligible equipment to choose from. For a full list, select the corresponding equipment lists at

Natural Gas EquipmentElectric EquipmentCold Storage Equipment

Qualified ProductDiscount per Unit
Combination Oven$1,000
Convection Oven$500
Conveyor Broiler$2,000 – $3,000*
Conveyor Oven$1,000
Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation**$0.50/CFM
Dishwasher$45 – $850*
Infrared Charbroiler$1,500
Infrared Rotisserie Oven$400
Infrared Salamander Broiler$500
Infrared Upright Broiler$1,200
Pasta Cooker$2,000
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve$7
Rack Oven$1,500 – $3,000*
Steamer$900 – $2,500*

Qualified ProductDiscount per Unit
Combination Oven$3,000
Convection Oven$400
Conveyor Broiler$2,000 – $3,000*
Deck Oven$2,000
Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation**$0.25/CFM
Dishwasher$150 – $1,250*
High-Efficiency Condensing Unit$400 – $1,200*
High-Efficiency Evaporator Unit$150 – $1,500*
Hot Food Holding Cabinet$600 – $800*
Ice Machine$200 – $400*
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve$25
Steamer$900 – $3,000*

Qualified ProductDiscount per Unit
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, 15–23.9 cu. ft.$600
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, 24–30 cu. ft.$1,200

In December, DTE approved Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers as a new midstream program measure. ULT freezers are designed specifically for laboratory applications and are capable of maintaining set point storage temperatures between -70 °C and -80 °C (-94 °F and -112 °F).

Instant Discounts are now available for ULT freezer models that are ENERGY STAR® certified. Visit or contact Energy Solutions for a qualifying products list. There are over 90 models to choose from. Eligible facilities are those that pay a commercial or industrial rate for electricity in DTE’s service territory and are not participating in another DTE discount program for the same unit.

Standard efficiency ULT freezers can consume as much energy as an average household, while efficient versions can cut that consumption by half or more. The resulting savings is above 4,450 kWh per unit per year. DTE is proud to make this energy efficiency measure available as the cold chain works to deliver COVID-19 vaccines on a massive scale. For instance, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine must be kept ultracold and requires ULT freezers.

For further reading, we recommend this American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists paper on vaccine formulation, including the key relationship to temperature.

Additional Reading and References:

  1. STAT news article: Rural hospitals can’t afford ultra-cold freezers to store the leading Covid-19 vaccine
  2. Fierce Pharma article: Pfizer, Moderna’s coronavirus shot rollouts could freeze up, experts say, citing cold-storage needs
  3. Biotechniques, vol. 43, no. 5 peer-reviewed paper: Long-term storage of DNA-free RNA for use in vaccine studies
  4. ETCC Energy Usage Study of ULTFs

*Discount amounts and potential savings vary based on size and capacity of equipment. Contact a participating dealer to confirm available models and discount amounts.

**Customers purchasing Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation may receive the gas discount if they have a non-residential gas DTE account or the electric discount if they have a non-residential DTE electric account. Customers can receive both discounts if they have non-residential gas and electric DTE accounts.